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One of the most exciting parts of buying a house for me was the notion that I could plant a garden!  When we bought this house we had no clue what was under all that snow.  The snow has not almost all melted and we are left with a few really bad garden beds, with a really rickety looking brick border, and I am left wondering if there is anything already planted there.  So far the answer is... I have a few irises on the back of the house, and a few daylilies.  But the bed behind the garage seems to be empty.  

I don't want anything huge.  For starters we may be expanding that back patio to the right, so this is sort of temporary for an indefinite amount of time.  Also, I still want to be able to access the gate in the fence, so just a slight curve out seems to do the trick.  

So what to plant?  I love the look of a cottage garden - bright colors, less structure very relaxed, and less regard the rules.  Sounds like a perfect match for me!  

This article

outlines the 6 easy steps for a low work cottage garden - once again perfect.  Low work gardens are the best.  The back of the house faces south, so this is the perfect spot for me to get my flower on.  

So, here is what I am planting.


| Liatris |


I am planting the anemones and ranunculus mostly for cutting, but as I have bought 60 bulbs of each flower, I have plenty to leave in the bed as well and have it looking lush.  I am still working on how exactly these will all play together but, this is where I am currently.  I don't want a lot of structure in the design, but I also am not 100% sure how these will all grow together.  

We've got to start somewhere!  Its small but I am excited 


Note: No links are affiliate links, I am just sharing where I purchased my flowers from.

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