Trim: chapter 1

As of Saturday we have been moved into our new house for one month!  Times flies when you are unpacking everything you own.  It is very overwhelming.  And then I looked around at everything I wanted to accomplish, and took a 4 hour nap.  It was that overwhelming, the very idea of where to start wore me out.  
But, logically after unpacking (almost done...) I knew I wanted to paint the trim. Oh the trim.  When we first saw the house I was sort of repelled by the trim.  It was very dirty and dingy looking.  I knew a little work would make them fresh again with.  Pre-move in I scrubbed them with a magic eraser and it was a drastic improvement.  Scrubbed them so much, and with so much love, I wore a cute little heart shaped hole in one eraser!

But back to now - painting the trim means I paint the doors.  Which means I need to take them off their hinges.  Which means I might was well use my paint sprayer to paint them for a great finish.  Which means I need spring weather. So thus, this is the first chapter in the trim painting adventure of our house.

I chose Benjamin Moore's Simply White.  Mind you, if we had a clue what any of our paint colors here are called I might have just touched them up and not change the color completely.  But alas, this is not so.  I am starting in the living room, I only have to paint the trim and windows, no crown in there, the roof lines are too crazy to add it too.  Armed with my new Purdy  paint brush, frog tape, tape knife, drop cloth & rag I went to it.  
The tape knife was very handy to wedge between the trim and the carpet.  I have also seen people use dust pans for the same purpose, but the tape knife worked very well between for the carpet.  In the areas where the hardwood is I taped the floor, as well as the knife where it would fit.  I wanted as much protection as I could get for my wood floors. (the ugly carpet below... maybe I should have spilled the can on it so we replace them sooner)
The post ends like this, I am not done painting yet.  Not even close.  Things like the front door can't be remedied yet... but get a nice laugh and enjoy the view of door trim vs floor trim
Overall things are getting brighter in here, and it is wonderful!