Dresser vs Table

While the rest of our house is still a disaster, I cleaned out the entryway, and tried to make it look a little better.
Option 1: an old dresser
The added storage is fantastic with the dresser.  It is likely to get a fresh coat of paint and new hardware in the spring & after we paint the walls.  So the color clash is not a concern here.  The dresser does impede the ability for the closet door to open, BUT we can open it and have easy access still to what we need.  So not really a huge con.  

Option 2: an antique table
So option 2 is a gorgeous antique table that was my mom's.  I had it in the apartment in the perfect little spot, I hope to find an equally perfect spot in the new house.  I don't get the storage with this piece, which turns out is a huge con right now, and it impedes the ability of the closet doors to open just as much as the dresser.    

 I think the dresser is the clear winner for now.  Sorry for the blurry photos above, turns out I wait until there is no natural light to tackle projects I need photos of...

If you were wondering,  the newspapers above were Paul's grandfather's who fought in WWII.  He had them hanging in his office.  After he passed Paul was allowed to have them.  I need to get them properly framed so that no sunlight can ruin them.  
The plant was in a basket send to my family after the passing of my grandfather, not as cool as the newspapers, I know... but both of items of significant that we wanted to surround ourselves with.  Plus is looks crazy healthy there.  I have plenty more awesome stuff from my grandfather yet to make an appearance.  
How about you, what of significance in your life do you have around your house in prominent positions?