Forgotten things

Lets be frank, we're new at this whole house thing.  Silly me forgot that painting the trim would make the blinds not match.  Oh, yea... I will admit some of that might be due to the fact that they are dirty.  But I cleaned a few spots and they still don't match.  Now I do feel like these photos don't do justice to how off the color is.  So just trust me on this one.  It is bad.  

Don't mind the patches on the walls, I am just prepping for PAINTING!

I was wanting to get new curtains or blinds (or both?!) for the living room, and now we need to put a rush on it.  I figured why hang the other two blinds if they don't match and I will have to patch the wood again.  So now for some inspiration! 


  This inspiration comes way back from YHL's first house.  I love how light & airy it looks.  Plus I can't ever make a decision about curtain colors.  


I love a good striped curtain, but I think I have plans for a nice stripe on the walls so... plus I am covering three windows I just don't know if it would be too much.  


Our couch is charcoal gray, so I loved seeing the bamboo option with the charcoal color. Plus I am swooning over that old trunk. Yes please!

We are shopping tomorrow so lets hope we find some good options!