Our new beginning

Happy Monday friends!  
Lets quickly start this post with a cute cat.
(I can't handle how cute she is when she sleeps, those curled paws get me every time)
Now, if you click on the dwell tab above, you can see pictures of our new home!  We plan to update this page with time, and show you before & after photos... when we finally get an after that is.
We closed Feb 7th, and moved in that weekend.  It was a snowy weekend, but we were lucky our family and friends were able to help us.  On February 15th we officially closed the door on our apartment for the last time. 

Since then we have been busy with a few things.
1. We had our well fixed.  We knew that the water tested positive for coliforms, and that a previous offer fell through because of this.  We had the well inspected before signing, and turns out a cool $285 would fix our issues with a new cap and chlorination.  
2. We had to actually turn our water on... This was not simple for us (Paul was at work, so it was my mom and I on cleaning day).  I ended up having to call Paul's uncle who is a plumber to help us out.  Turns out part of the process to winterize the house they (assuming the listing agent) had wires disconnected in a box that controlled the well pump.  
3.  Our house has a LOT of pitted fixtures in the bath, basically every single one, so we have started replacing some of those.

4. We had no cold water in the shower!  What?!  The pressure balancing spool was stuck and needed replacing.
5. We had to install our fridge (borrowing from my parents), stove ($90 craigslist find), washer and dryer (my parents old ones they generously gave us).
6. Paul installed an RO water system!  And a garbage disposal!  I am telling you, I am a lucky girl who married a good looking and super handy man.  
7.   I feel like I am listing off all this stuff Paul has gotten done... well I have been cleaning! A house that sat empty for so long is DIRTYYY.  Paul brought me home the Mrs. Meyer all purpose cleaner today!  I about peed my pants with joy.  I have more dirty doors, trim and walls to clean before I can start painting!
8. I did install a new toilet seat!  You might notice a lack of one in a few pictures on the dwell page...
9.  Cali moved in too (how I moved her and got her settled in is a post in itself.  When you are a 13 year old cat, life can be oh so rough when things change).
Ok, sorry for that word dump.  If you read it all, I love you.  Creepy? No.  I appreciate your time.
Lets end with post with a cute cat too.

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