Glitter Clothespins!

I love glitter.  I could put it an everything, everywhere.  But for now, all over my clothespins will do.  I am making a few framed magnetic chalkboards to go above my desk, and these bad boys will be a marvelous accent once they get the magnets attached.  


- Glitter (Martha Stewart is to $$$ for me, but I found these great little bags at JoAnns for under $4!)

- Modge Podge - I originally planned on using tacky glue, but that was all dried up

- Brush to spread the glue

- Lids to hold the glitter

- Clothes Pins - 

technically they were mini, but then I found even smaller ones… don’t know what they were called but most likely microscopic

- Clear Spray Paint (optional)

- Magnets (optional)

Spread your tacky glue or modge podge all over your clothespin

Dunk it in that glitter!  and make sure you get all your glue covered.

Marvel at the beauty. (& ignore my dirty finger, looks like some airbrush color to me)

and repeat, a bunch of times. 

I love the way they turned out!  I used to clear spray paint to seal the glitter in after it was all done, if you don't have any just use another layer of modge podge.  It does dull the shine just a wee bit, but not getting glitter shedding everywhere is totally worth it.  I can't wait to use them, also the microscopic pins will be perfect for accent wrapping Christmas presents.