The Lake

Everyone has their time and place for mourning.  And this is mine.  My grandfather passed away five weeks ago, and this was his lake place.  

While these steps eventually became too much for grandpa to go up and down, sitting atop the hill you can always see this gorgeous sunset.  In my mind my grandfather was always a loner - my grandmother died 40 years ago.  This would have been the perfect evening for him to come to the lake by himself and drink some beer and check up on things.  

My evening entailed raking lots and lots of leaves and burning them with my fiancee, but on nights like this one, when it is calm and peaceful I still feel like he is sitting up on the deck watching the world go by (and watching us work).  No matter what changes around me, this little slice of heaven will always be a reminder of him, leaving me always grateful of what he has left behind.