DIY Ombre Fabric

So I am sure you have all seen Ombre, well everything.  From fingernails to clothes and curtains, it is certainly a fad for the fall.  I have been wanting to dye my own fabric for awhile now but had to clue what project to use it for until I remember I pinned this awhile back.  I am pretty satisfied with how my fabric turned out.  I do have a few tips to share.

1. After doing my research I used Rit liquid dye. I bought mine at JoAnns with a coupon, but even without it was not too expensive.  For my first attempt at dying fabric I did not bother mixing colors, I just straight up used fuchsia.  It definitely has a purple hue to it which is not really shown very well in the photo.    

2. Rit provides wonderful instructions on how to dye ombre, I could give you step by step instructions, but they did itvhere.

3. Okay, so if your fabric does not look exactly how you want it to after the first dye (like me, I had washed and dried the fabric) I swear you can just dye it again!  My first try I did not dye the one end dark enough for there to really be a great gradation of color.  So back into the bucket it went.  

4. Don't do it in your sink, I know they tell you this in the instructions, but this can not be empasized enough!  Buy a cheap bucket or tub.  I have seen people who will dye in a giant metal bowl.  I prefer the easy to throw away method.  And after washing it in the washing machine the first time I freaked out.   Like 'my mom is going to kill me for doing this in her washer' freaked out.  Just run a cycle of your machine with bleach and it all comes clean.    

5. I felt weird seeing all the perfectly good dye in the bucket after I had only dyed one piece of fabric.  Plan accordingly!  Next time I will do a lot more fabric so not to waste. 

6.  Go darker than what you want. This may be obvious, but I struggled to keep dying past the color I wanted, but after washing and drying a lot of the color does fade.  I just kept wanting to stop at my ideal color and not go past it.  

Hopefully the blanket will be done soon!  I have made changes to the tutorial so I will share all the details.  

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