8 Quilts I'm Dying to Sew

I know some people compose a bucket list, or a list of places they’d like to travel. Me? I make lists of quilts I’d like to sew. This list is by no means comprehensive, but when it comes to starting a new project I have 8 quilts I’m dying to get started on.

My 21st Birthday in Hawaii.png
  1. First up this modern take on a wedding ring quilt is calling my name. I have already sewn a practice block, and I’m ready to dive in. The block pattern is by Lady Havertine, the inspiration quilt is made by Brigit Gail. I can’t wait to get this one done and share it.

  2. I had been wanting to make a palm leaf inspired quilt when my mom showed me what is now quilt #2 on my list. This quilt by Sarah Elizabeth Sharp is freaking amazing. All of her works are stunning pieces of art. I’ve paper pieced once, so I clearly think I am an expert now who can tackle anything, which is total farce, but I’m an all in kinda girl. I really think this would be a stunning quilt in a jungle inspired nursery.

  3. This wonky star quilt by Lord and Little is just too much fun. I don’t have a pattern, but I’ve started drafting a paper piecing star and working on the scale of the quilt and each block size. I love the use of solids here, but I think the right patterned fabric could be a fun addition.

  4. I want to make a giant molehills for my own bed, and by giant I mean a California king. I have never made a quilt for my own bed, so maybe in the next 5 years I’ll get that done. I have made 2 quilts using the molehills patterns by Latifah Saafir already in the baby size, and it sews like dream. I’m thinking of a really nice very neutral cream & gray color palate. Despite all of the color in photos in my inspiration gallery, I’m really all about the neutrals.

  5. I already have the ruler to make this large scale hexi quilt. Hexagons typically lean vintage to me - I think of the grandmother’s flower garden pattern, and hexagon floor tiles from the 20s &30s, but in a large scale it becomes very modern. I think I’ll be digging though some of the fun fabric prints I have for this one. You can buy the cream and gray one right here.

  6. This one isn’t a quilt…. but a little bit of inspiration from Yao Cheng. I found her on instagram years ago, and I’ve been in love with her watercolors ever since. I have a very clear vision of how this painting could be a jumping off point for a quilt, and I am very excited to collect all of the blue fabric to make this happen.

  7. The ruffle detail on this quilt is just so sweet. I imagine a little babe laying on it feeling the texture. This quilt would be a fast one to whip up, paired with a floral backing I think it would be a hit. I may have to make one and keep it in my emergency baby quilt stash.

  8. I’d love to make a whole cloth quilt using gauze with maybe flannel in between the layers. I’d love to have some of the spoonflower designs printed on gauze to sew a cuddle blanket from. If you don’t want to sew on, you can buy one here.

    So tell me, what are making a list of? I hoping something more than just the chores you need to get done… that list isn’t nearly as fun.