Drunk Zebra

One of my closest friends, Kelly, is expecting a baby any day now, so of course I had a quilt to sew, and bibs, and burp cloths, and paci clips… but the quilt came first. Kelly and her husband are waiting to find out the gender of their little one, so I turned to a classic gray and white palate. My mom and I landed on sewing the Drunk Zebra quilt pattern by Lindsay Stitches (I cannot for the life of me find the patterns, but I’ve linked her etsy shop where that pattern was sold).

I’ll admit it was a little bold in the original black and white scheme , even for my nontraditional baby quilt making ways. I had a very clear vision of a more tonal version made with cream and pale gray. For the backing I found a vintage inspired map fabric on spoonflower. This was my first foray into paper piecing quilts, and I love the way it turned out.

drunk zebra quilt.png

I’ve feeling a definite shift in what I sew, and how I am sewing lately. I used to find myself adopting a “get it done & on to the next” mentality, but recently I’ve been picking very detailed patterns that can’t be whipped out in a few days and I’m loving the shift. I’m spending more time really curating what I make. I have another baby quilt to sew for a little one due this fall, and I have picked maybe my greatest challenge yet. Stayed tuned for that one…