I love you to the moon chenille quilt

If you have been reading this blog for long you know my go-to gift to a baby on the way is a quilt, specifically a faux chenille quilt. This I think was my 6th one! They are an awesome way to use a fabric print you really love, and they have that modern whole cloth vibe going on. 2 months ago Paul’s sister had a baby boy, and days before he was born I realized I hadn’t even started his quilt # badaunt… then my brother’s wedding happened, and life in general so it took me a bit of time to finally finish it. My SIL gave me no direction in terms of nursery theme, so I chose a fabric I loved that I though would grow well with the little guy.


I love how it turned out! And while I have vision for my next, yet to be conceived kid’s nursery, a space theme is sounding more and more appealing. So tell me, do you like it? Do you have a go-to baby gift?