Sunday Small talk

1. Wednesday and Thursday night this past week we had parent-teacher conferences at school, which means I went back to school from 5-9. Theo goes to school with me on these evenings, and Paul picks him up after he gets off work. Wednesday was terrible, Theo screamed bloody murder the entire time at school. I blame myself partially, because I didn’t wake Theo up from his nap so we were running late, and I was on edge so I am sure he was feeding off my energy. Thankfully no parents came for a conference before Paul picked him up! Thursday however he did great. He sat in a desk looking all adorable, and didn’t cry at all! He even interacted with people and he managed a slight smile.


2. Lets do a built-in progress update shall we? As I type this Paul is putting the 3rd coat on the built-ins and I have the primer plus at least one coat of paint on all of the cabinet doors. We’re hoping 3 coats is what everything needs which means we are right on schedule.

3. I did our taxes yesterday! They went faster than I thought they would, and we are getting over $2,000 back, mostly thanks to having Theo. 50% of the return is going to paying back a loan to my parents, 25% is going to new floors in the playroom, then Paul and I are splitting the last 25% and buying what we want. With my other savings so far, I’ll have enough for a new camera and Paul is thinking about new golf clubs.

4. I found a new dry shampoo I love! It is an amazing dupe for the Amika dry shampoo that is like $24, the Eva NYC dry shampoo is only $9 at target and even smells the same as the Amika one. I’m a big sucker for how a product smells… smell alone will make me buy something and this is no exception.

5. I have 2 new burp cloth listings hitting the etsy shop today! I’m slowing building up a really great inventory. Click here to check the shop out!

. . . . .

Overall it feels like a good weekend, we accomplished quite a bit. The only thing left on my list is grading papers and making my lesson plans… So tell me how was your weekend? Did you scratch anything off your “to-do” list?