Theo || 2 Months

2 months was a big one for Theo - he was baptized on December 23rd, he celebrated his first Christmas, and he has doubled his weight since birth!  He still is only in the 9th percentile for weight but the 21st percentile for height.   2 months brought our bright eyed alert baby, he's really taking in the world around him.  He's pretty chill still and he will lay looking at his mobile in his pack'n play for almost an hour.  Month 2 and he still hates diaper changes and baths.  He's sleeping up to 6 hour stretches, which I really can't complain about.  He has just about outgrown newborn clothes and diapers,  which makes this mama sad.  I just want my baby to be little forever, is that ok?  I asked Paul what he thinks changed over the past month and he said "He's just bigger and he can see a little better."  M'kay Paul.  I got sick this month and we managed to keep Theo healthy, so what breast milk we are able to give him clearly is doing some good.  He just started to be more vocal at the end of 2 months and he smiled for the first time!  I may have cried, it's ok.  Oh, and he's got hair!  It was like one day I woke up and all the sudden my baby had hair on the top of his head.  Now mind you it is not much, but it is there.

Let's do a quick comparison to last month to see how much he changed. 

Same onesie, he has really chunked up, especially his thighs. Baby has rolls, and poop gets stuck in them. 

Grumpy little man was getting pretty tired during our photo shoot.

Our dancin' babe. 

We love him so much, I don't even care that he pooped on me this month.