Friday Five

friday five.jpg

1.  Paul was gone all week for work, and I managed to take care of myself and Theo.  I know plenty of people do this all the time, but when you are accustomed to having a co-parent,  a week alone throws things into a little bit of disarray.  I'll be so glad to have him home again.  We are going on our first date since we had Theo on Saturday night, and I am so excited.

2.  Sunday night my computer charger went out.  I ordered one on amazon which said it would arrive Tuesday - 2 days no computer would not kill me.  Monday the delivery date changed to Wednesday, C'MON AMAZON.  Paul didn't take his personal computer on his work trip, so I could use his, but it lacks all my photos and editing software.  Uh.  1st world problems I know, but I had plans to get Theo's 2 months photos posted.  Instead I posted our family photos since I had access to those, you can see my favorites here .  His 2 month photos are coming next!

3.  Theo had his 2 month appointment this week.  He received 3 vaccines via shot and one oral.  He also had his lip tie cut, in hopes he may be able to nurse with it cut.  Poor baby screamed and turned a shade of red I didn't know he existed.  I did better than I thought I would, but hearing and seeing my baby like that was tough. 

4.  We are finally getting social smiles from Theo, which is pretty darn exciting.  I'll admit the first time he looked up at me and smiled I cried.  He's still being stingy with giving them, but last night he looked up at me and just smiled, and I now know there is nothing better.

5.  I'll end this on a more somber note.  Tuesday I was watching the noon news after The Price is Right, and I heard one of my kids was shot.  I always perk up when they talk about a shooting on the news, with fear it will one of my kids and this time it was.  She is in critical condition, so please pray for her as well as the other individuals and their families involved.  The daughter of our school police officer was killed in the incident.  The only thing that goes through my mind is "when is this going to end".  I'm really struggling with all this violence lately.  It is hitting me harder than ever, these kids are dealing with so much in their lives I understand why school and test scores are terrible.  The sad thing is so many of them have become desensitized to death because it is their normal.

Additionally yesterday one of our teachers passed away.  She had a heart attack earlier in the week, and went into a coma.  This has been a hard week for my school community, so please, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  Theo made a trip to school today to try and give some baby therapy, in the midst of terrible sadness I hope his little life can shine and bring joy. 

Sorry my Friday Five is so baby oriented or glum, but he is just about all I was focused on this week.