Friday Five

1. I got sick this week, it hit me last Saturday and it is still hanging around.  Every day there was a new symptom, like the worst gift ever that just won't stop giving.  I finally broke down and took some breastfeeding friendly medicine because the cough was keeping me up. On a plus side, I think coughing this much is a literal ab workout. 

2.   As a result, my house is still a mess from Christmas... and our tree is still up.  I'm soaking it in as it will be coming down this weekend.  I always struggle with how to decorate once the tree is down - it is not like we are ready for spring decorations but what is winter decor without a tree?  My Christmas decorations never made it to the blog this year, but maybe once I figure out what winter decor will look like I'll share.  I'm thinking I need to swing by the thrift shop and pick up some brass candlesticks.  I'm thinking a nice collection with white tapered candles like this one from Lindsey at Better After would be perfect winter decor.


3.   Last Friday looked a lot like the following, and it was perfect.  When I can get baby snuggles AND cat cuddles my day is made.  I'm hoping for a repeat tonight.

4.   My co-worker hosted a bread class today, she taught us how to make 5 different breads.  Both bread and pie are skills I am hoping to learn, and there are a few breads I feel comfortable trying on my own now.  I have a focaccia in the fridge ready to bake, so tomorrow already looks great. 

5.   Paul came home yesterday with the news that I knew was coming eventually.  He has to travel for work in the next few weeks.  He will be gone all work week, so I'll be home taking care of our 2 month old alone.  I've been blessed so far to have him around with no work travel, it is nice to know I don't have to do every feeding at night and I can say "your turn" to some diapers in the evenings. This mama is going to have a tired week coming up.