Makeover Monday || Hutch

This makeover is a long time coming, and I love a good makeover.  My mom wanted some more storage at the lake, and so she found this hutch on craigslist.  It was $40 so we hopped in the truck, and drove 30 minutes to look at it.  It fit the bill, so we loaded it up and brought it home.  That was the summer of '16.  Last fall I worked on the painting of the hutch, and got it almost done.  We took it up to the lake last fall to store it knowing I still had to finish the doors and a few details this year.  It technically isn't done yet, I have to finish the detail work still - touch up paint and caulk in a few areas will make it look more polished yet.  Maybe spring of '18 I'll finally call this one done. 

So here is the lowdown of what was changed, because this piece did get more than just a paint job.  However, I can only claim the paint job, my parents did most of the work.   

  • Took off the doors on the upper portion - this allowed it to function better as open shelving storage
  • Added bead board on the back to replace the crappy cardboard back - when the doors came off it also needed some reinforcing since the body is not real wood
  • Added real wood shelves for more stability
  • Took off the bottom trim, and added 1"x 4" around the bottom so we had something to drill the foot plates into
  • Added bun feet!  partially for looks, and the ability to level the hutch.  The kitchen floor is pretty darn uneven
  • Painted it white - primed it, and then used BM Ultra Spec 500 in base 1 which is just white
  • New hardware

It is now a super functional piece and has added so much storage.  I am sure I could style it so much better still, but the truth is we use the dishes almost daily so there has to be a functionality / pretty balance.

I hope you find a little inspiration in what you can do with a can a paint!