Second Trimester // Pregnancy Diaries

I am officially in my 3rd trimester, home stretch!  I am 31 weeks tomorrow as I finish up my 2nd trimester reflection which means I only have 8 more weeks teaching before leave.  8 weeks, that seems manageable right?  I am terrible at taking pictures, like I have zero cute bump photos, I think we are going to have a friend take some.  But, I do have a photo my Cal laying on me looking quite agitated because her spot is shrinking.  

Baby:  At 24 weeks I finally started feeling good kicks.  He is moving like crazy now, and I love seeing the random jabs on my stomach.  For how far along I am my fundal height measurements are right on track.

Pregnancy Side Effects:  Oddly I started getting sick during the second trimester.  It hit just a few times a week, but I felt so wiped out after.  I felt like I lost so many days of summer laying in bed after puking.  Now here is a little TMI - late 2nd semester when I started to, you know pee a little sometimes when I sneezed,  add that to violent puking and can you guess what happens?  Yes, I puke and pee at the same time.  I wish this was a new trick that could make me tons of money.  I shared that little fact with my coworkers and they about peed themselves laughing.  

Cravings: I could always eat macaroni and tomato juice (tell me someone else eats this?),  I crave chocolate milk, still craving Casa's salad, and I'd kill for cheap soft serve ice cream.  You know the Chinese buffet kind of cheap ice cream?  I LOVE that kind.  

Aversions:  Eggs held strong in the aversion category.  Later in the day I was more OK with eggs, but first thing in the morning was never a good idea.  I used to be able to eat the same meals for days on end, but now once I eat a meal one day I have a fairly strong aversion to it the next day.

Exercise:  Err.  Well  I did go on walks a few times a week during the summer, but now that school has started again I just don't have the energy.  At the tail end of my 2nd I started having some pelvic pain that made walking hurt so that has really trailed off.  Our midwife said the soreness was likely due to the fact that he had flipped and was head down.  

Excited About:  Finally getting to meet our boy!  I am so darn curious about how big he is going to be.  I still get people saying I don't look pregnant.  Are they being nice or it is just the way I am dressing?  Also very excited for maternity leave!

Purchases:   I went shopping for another nice round of clothing purchases.  He is still in need of so many clothes, but I feel a bit better about what he has now.  I  have also bought the crib, rug, rocker cushions, and pouf for his nursery

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Sewn: My mom and I put together the quilt top for the little man!  I have also sewn 2 swaddle blankets, and burp cloths.  I am not totally sure what to sew for him clothes wise, I'm thinking maybe I'll sew him some rompers 

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