Sunday Small Talk

This summer has gone so fast, my first day of school is on Friday.  Which means the end of lake weekends.  Last year we still went up on the weekends during the fall, but I think it wasn't as relaxing because I had so much I needed to get ready for school.  Plus this year we have loads to get done at home to ready our room, and the nursery for the baby.  I will need to get away for a bit at some point when the new carpet gets installed, I will need to crash at either my parents house or the lake on the weekend until the fumes dissipate.  

The joys of being pregnant and oh so cautious of VOCs.

 I don't love my class schedule looking at it on paper - I have 4 sections of a class I didn't enjoy teaching last year so that will be interesting...  I am blessed to have a co-teacher 4 periods of the day which is nice because I don't think my bladder would survive without her.  I'm very curious about class sizes this year, last year my largest was 37 kids with no co-teacher or aid which was a bit large.  I just feel a bit torn, I am not ready to go back, but I am ready for the next few months to fly by so we can meet our little man.  I am taking the rest of the school year off after he is born.  The logistics of pumping, and being at school just does not sound like fun.  Plus there is NO WAY I would be able to tear myself away from this little man during those first few months.  He is only going to be this little once, and I don't want regrets about missing this time with him.  Teaching is easy enough to step away from and come back to, which was part of the draw for me.

I finally contacted HR to tell them I am pregnant!  It only took me being 6 months pregnant to do so.  I am officially 25 weeks pregnant as of today, only 15 (ish) more to go!

My garden went to the crapper this year... it has just been so hot I don't want to get outside and do a darn thing.  It certainly looks like a jungle in a few areas of my yard this year.  As much as I hate doing it I will be preening the crap out of every flower bed because I don't anticipate having the time next summer with out little man being here.

The veggie garden is still producing pretty well - but the tomatoes look pathetic compared to this time last year.  I will say that this has been the best green pepper year for me, and the worst tomato year.  We had a good bit of rain this last week and tons of my Early Girl variety cracked.  Beautiful little green tomatoes with a bright red future ahead of them, ruined.

My mom and I finished the top for the baby's quilt, and I love it.  My mom cut all of pieces, while I sewed all of the hills which made it come together quite quickly.

This past week my co-workers threw a little baby celebration.  My department head is also pregnant and due the week after school begins, so they had a diaper party for both of us which was lovely.  One of our assistants is gluten intolerant so I wanted to make sure to make something she could eat, so I made gluten free monster cookies which turned out fantastic!  I'm tweaking the recipe a bit and I'll be sharing it soon.