Nursery Mood Board

Once we found out we were having a boy, I jumped into action planning the nursery.  Part of me knew exactly what I wanted in a boy's room, so this took me no time to put together.


I was listening to Young House Love Has a Podcast, and they were telling a story were they called Wafair when they were ordering $2000 worth of items they called and asked for a discount and saved several hundred dollars.  They did this several more time and were able to save money each time.  I had put the crib, cushions for our chair, rug, and pouf in my cart and it came to $430.  Not terrible but I decided to call and see what they could do, the customer service rep was able to save me $60!  Heck yea!  Part of the savings came from the fact that she found an open box version of our crib.  It has never been assembled, and there is nothing wrong with it, just that the box was opened and we scored the crib for $130!  She saved us another $30 by cross referencing the items I had in my cart with their sister sites and getting us the lowest  price possible. 

My parents have the rattan rocker that they used when my brother and I were little, so all I had to buy were some new cushions.  I picked up a dresser off the side of the road to fix up last year, and it will be the perfect addition to the nursery, and will double as our changing table.  I already have a spare side table... from the side of the road again... to repaint for by the rocker to keep water and nursing snacks.  I feel like we already have the big stuff we need for the room, and we are clocking in at $358 so far.  I still need to get paint, knobs for the dress, a lamp, wall frames, and a few other little items.  I am hoping with what we get from our baby shower, we can complete the room for less than $600.