20 weeks // Pregnancy Diaries

We are officially halfway through this pregnancy!  Which means earlier this week has had our 20 week appointment.  Most people associate this appointment with finding out the sex, but I associated it more with making sure everything is going well with our baby.  With the practice we are going to we will only get 2 ultrasounds as long as everything is going well.  I know some people get an ultrasound at almost every appointment, but we had one confirming our pregnancy and then our 20 week one.  Everything looked great so far!

Baby: Our little nugget is officially the size of a banana.  Baby is a little small at 9 oz, and in the 39th percentile.  But look at that little face, that nose!

Pregnancy Side Effects: Random puking still occurs, and stretch marks are rearing their ugly head.  I still have some days where I feel wiped out, but overall I am feeling good.  Oh, and heartburn.  Not all the time, but if I have a tomato I am in for it.  

Cravings: Still in a fruit and salad phase for the most part.  Lunch has been soup almost every day.  It is easy, low in calories, easy to add beans for protein, and generally full of goodness.  I made a delicious tomato, carrot, pepper soup last week that gave me heartburn for days, and was so worth it.  

Aversions: I am OK with eggs now, just in really small amounts.  I may have thrown up a delicious doughnut, so I am avoiding those for now.  Fresh mushrooms are still on the no go list.

Exercise: I am still trying to get my 4 walks in every week, I have been coming up short here and there.  I don't feel terrible about it because I have been working my butt off in the yard.  Next week I need to tackle mulching... which might be the dumbest thing ever but I'll use a little shovel.

Excited about:

We are very excited we are having a boy.  I just keep thinking about how awesome it will be to see Paul with a son.  He would have been just as great with a little girl, but I think every guy was a son, and so for our first baby a boy is perfect.  Paul has been very hard at work converting our bonus room into our new bedroom so we can be on the same floor as the baby.  There are some other house projects that are major on the books right now, so I am most excited to get those done.  

Purchases: Um, almost the whole nursery...  I knew what I wanted it to look like when we found out it was a boy and I created a mood board which I will share soon.  I kid that I bought the whole nursery... but I did buy the crib, we already have a rocker, dresser, and side table, I bought a rug, and a pouf.  we still need loads of textiles but I think we are in a good place to paint and start placing items in the room.  I have resisted buying any more clothes, I know people will buy him plenty, but I am moderately clothes picky.  

Sewn: So far I have just sewn a few burp cloths.  I have picked out the fabric and quilts for our little dude, but I have yet to get sewing.  

Highlights: Seeing our little guy on the ultrasound.  He moves like crazy, but I can't really tell yet.  I think he is just a little to small still.  He was just flipping around constantly, and kept putting his arms up in front of his face.  Half of the images of him he has his arms up.  That is how I fall asleep, I like to tuck my arms up close to my face.  Hopefully he comes out a cuddly guy.