Lucky Babe

On March 17 we got the best news of our life (maybe 2nd best news, the cubs winning the world series last year is hard to beat in our house) - we are expecting our first little one!  We are due in November, and could not be more excited.

I had taken a few tests because my period was late but all negative, I had been feeling stressed from work so I had pretty much assumed we were not.  Still no period that Friday after being 10 days late, I took a test and I was shocked to see the double line appear. I only have really cheap like 30 for $10 tests, so I ran to CVS to get areal test. Heck those things are expensive, but I ran back home to take it and another positive test meant I had some fast shopping to do.

I always joked with Paul that he would know I'm pregnant because I would buy him a really nice bottle of alcohol.  I ran to the little hole-in-the-wall liquor store in Leo, and asked the man for the most expensive bottle of whiskey he had.  I had to reaffirm him, "Sir, I really want to spend as much money as it takes, give me your best, we are celebrating tonight!" Now of course he assumed we were going to party all night since it was St. Patrick's Day, but we were celebrating our lucky little baby.  I walked out only spending $80 and got 2 bottles.  Turns out Leo doesn't stock the most expensive stuff.  Paul beat me home, so while he was in a different room I quickly put the alcohol where he would see it, and hid in waiting.  Paul instantly spotted it and knew they meaning.

I am 15 weeks along right now, and we are busy around the house getting some big projects done.  We have to convert the bonus room upstairs into our bedroom by adding a closet (which Paul is rocking and has the whole thing framed already).  Once that is done we play musical rooms, and I move out of my sewing room which becomes the nursery, and my sewing room moves downstairs into our current bedroom (which also needs some work...)  Thank goodness tomorrow is the last day of school, because we have loads to do this summer!