My word of the year : 2017

It is only 3 months late - but they do say better late than never right?  I just finished a skype call with the most beautiful soul Emily, and my husband is watching the IU game, so now is as good of a time as ever to push publish on a half drafted post.  I last left this little blog in August right when I started teaching, Paul earned a promotion not soon after, and the end of 2016 went fast.  I sat down over Christmas break and tried to blog, but I think I was in hibernation mode from teaching and didn't have enough brain power to do anything.  The next portion of this post is from a few months back...


I love picking a word of the year, a trend that is really catching on.  I can't for the life of me commit to a resolution, I often struggle to hit post on the long list of almost done blog posts.  In 2017 I'll work on that (maybe).  

2017's word really hit me at the end of 2016 hard - like when you hit your finger with a hammer and you form a blood hematoma under your fingernail and the pressure that build up constantly reminds you that is there.   Paul might have just done with while working on our never ending project of the stairs.  My word  is one that my co-workers uttered time and time again in between "take care of yourself".  2017 will be my year of balance.  Never before in my life have I needed this word as much as I do now.  1st year teaching stresses have me overwhelmed and I have been letting things go that really matter to me - friendships, taking the time to cook  a delicious dinner, building my relationship with my husband, taking care of myself, taking time to be creative, this list could go on and on.  This year I committed to finding the balance between work and personal life.  It is important to me to remain defined outside of what I do for a living.

  I am so hopeful for 2017, and we have some big things planned!  Student loan debt should be gone this year, we haven't had a vacation since our honeymoon, we can't stop looking at dogs at the shelter, BIG home projects to get done and maybe what is most important -



Three months after writing that I can that say I have found more balance than before.  I have brought less work home, enjoyed cooking meals again, and set aside real scheduled time for friends.  I have found renewed passion in sewing and designing quilts.  I have so much in my sewing machine, but once I have my next round all quilted.