Creative Endeavors - Cakes

It has been over a year since cakes have been my daily job - and part of me hopes I don't lose those skills.  Back in October my dear friend Rashelle got married, and I baked my first ever naked cake.  It was really quite easy to make, and I got to cover it in flowers.  It is no secret how much I love flowers so it was a win in my book.  The photos are credit to her photographer, Della Terra.  I am far more comfortable with tiered cakes than I've ever been before and her wedding cake only took a few hours on a Friday night!  I'm looking for an occasion to do a tiered cake again, baby shower maybe, or is that just way over the top?

I then spent the next few months craving a vanilla cake and n January I whipped out a simple Minnie Mouse cake for an old co-workers daughter.  It was an 8" cake with a 4" cake cut in half for the ears, really simple to do.  But really all this meant there were extra pieces that I was able to eat and finally cure my cake craving.   

I've been spending most of my creative time on sewing quilts and I can't wait to share what I have been sewing!