Quilting Again

It has been a bit quiet around here, I've been barely keeping my head above water between student teaching, my coursework, trying to keep the house nice, and not get sick.  An illness was going around that was knocking teachers out left and right, and the last thing I needed was to get sick too.  However I have caught a bit of a break, I am home today on a snow day!   We have had 2 snow days in a row, and while I should be doing homework... instead I dove deep into the depths of unpublished posts and found this gem.  Our niece is almost 9 months old now, so it is about time I blog the quilt I made her.

I made my typical faux chenille blanket, my 4th one in 6 months so I'm getting pretty fast at them.  I'll admit it is a bit bold for a baby, but I'm hoping it is something she will like as she grows.  The binding is very bold, but I was trying to stray away from my usual stripes.

As I type this up, no one that I know of is pregnant, so I've had a bit of a break and I've actually sewn a few things for the joy of it not because I need to get a gift done.

Well, all of the recipients of the blankets above that I made last year are either officially 1 year old or they are quickly approaching that milestone.  I got to make the cake for little Lucy who received the upper right blanket and I do think her quilt and cake go nicely together.  When I dropped her cake off she just woke up from her nap and she was just the sweetest little thing and cuddled with me.  For reference I did melt into a puddle on the floor.

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