Holiday Home Tour

Each year I like to document our home at the holiday season, and each year I slowly add a few more decorations here and there.  This year our newest additions to the holiday spirit are the wreath on the front door I fixed up, I added greenery and garland along the TV stand, and my favorite, we hung Christmas lights on two of the bushes out front.  We are looking forward to adding more lights on the house in the coming years, but man Christmas lights can be expensive.  We are working on slowly building up our collection.

There is a rule in my house that the Mr. was well aware of before marrying me – all Christmas lights must be clear unless they are the large ceramic style bulb.  Those are allowed because of their nostalgic feeling, but no other colored lights may be strung here.  The ceramic style bulbs just feel right on our home from 1926, and when the snow has fallen on them I'm giddier than a kid Christmas morning.

I also like to theme our Christmas decorations; I take Christmas decorations serious, very serious.  This year I decorated with the theme of a

classic Christmas

  in mind.  I used traditional colors with classic element, vintage Christmas records constantly being played on the record player included.

In the entryway I switched out the pumpkins from the fall for an evergreen branch with a few ornaments.

Our TV stand and buffet received a lush greenery treatment.  On the buffet added a few vintage touches with an old food scale that was Paul's grandma's and a flour sifter that was my grandma's.  Most of the vintage items we own are family possessions, and I'm always so drawn to keeping their memory alive and with us especially during the holiday season.

Ah the tree.  We did something crazy this year and drilled out a stump to use as our tree stand.  We need to shorten it a bit for next year, but it is safe to say we both love it.  I'd also love to get a real tree one year, but it is safe to say my cat will try and eat the tree every waking moment.  She already gnaws on the fake one.  

Speaking of my sweet little feline there she is all sad because the branches are a little higher than normal.  #oldcatproblems.

I hope you are enjoying your holiday decorating!