Tips & Tricks || Christmas Greenery

Today I'm bringing you the cheapest way to make over a wreath, for free!  Good quality wreathes, garland, and trees can cost some serious cash and who wants to dump all that money on decorations?  The simple trick? Plump it up with some fresh greenery.  I trimmed my boxwood and arborvitae for the greenery at the awesome price of free.  Adding in any sort of evergreen trimmings work well, don't feel limited.  

So what if you live in an apartment or you don't have any evergreen trees or bushes on your property?  If you go to Home Depot or Lowe's they usually trim off the bottom branches of their trees for customers, if you ask they will usually give you the bottom branches from other peoples' trees for free.  Free I tell you! 

The process is simple, I trimmed the branches and shoved them into the wreath.  Sounds easy right?  It was.

Just for reference, I used 5 branches of the boxwood (the whole pile shown) and 5 stems of the arborvitae as well (about half of the pile shown).  So it really doesn't take much!

I added in some pine cones and things I already had on hand and for not buying anything I think it looks not to shabby.  I'm planning on using the same technique for my garland this year, and I'll share photos as soon as I dig it all out of storage!

Let me know if adding live greenery into your faux decor this year, or if you have any decorating tips or tricks!