Pottern Barn on the cheap

Chances are you have seen the below image on pinterest.  Funny thing is, it is actually a photo selling the bowl on Pottery Barn, not a thing to do with the pinecones.


Well the image has taken pinterest by storm, most captions saying to achieve this look by spraying pine cones with krylon looking glass spray'.  I knew I had a bit on hand, as well as my favorite gold paint, and an accidental purchase of silver that I never returned. So I wanted to play around and see what looks would be achieved.  

My victims.  I picked them from my parents various pine trees, and by picked I mean we had to get the tree trimmer and cut down the big ones, and by we I mean my dad got the tree trimmer and cut me down some.   To make them bug free remember to bake the pinecones, instructions here.   Who knew how many little spiders would hide in a pinecone. 

My favorite of the three was the looking glass spray paint, the gold also looked stellar, the metallic silver not so much.  They are getting less stinky in the garage still, but as soon as they are less stinky they will be finding a home in my cake dome.  Perfect decorations for fall through late winter!

A few things of note  

1.  The more closed pinecones tend to look a bit better in my opinion, the metallic of the paint just reflects the light a bit better.

2. Also the closed ones are easier to paint, the more open ones are more work since you have to coat both sides.  

3.  If you use krylon looking glass spray paint, know that it goes on a bit dull but dries nicely.

When we were living in our apartment on the 2nd story, I started spray painting in a box to keep over spray down.  I still prefer spraying items in a box on windy days.  This whole weekend was crazy windy in Indiana! 

This is my cheating way of decorating early for Christmas.  Paul won't allow for it, but really

this isn't Christmas specific.  Anyone else have the Christmas decoration itch?