No Shame

I have zero amounts of shame in picking up things from the side of the road, or a dumpster, or just trolling craigslist free section.  No shame.  So I finally finished a pair of chairs I have had forever,

really since 2011

.  That year treated me quite well actually, I also nabbed a dining room table solid oak that we are still using.  I was living in an apartment in Muncie, IN with Angie from

Love the Running

and Kelly from

Keeping up with the Moyers

 and the dumpster in the apartment complex could be a goldmine.  I do believe Kelly grabbed some patio chairs as well that year that her parents have on their front porch still, maybe?

So I scored a pair of these chairs sitting by the dumpster, and used them for the year looking like that.

Um, not the greatest looking things.  Sparkly, dingy, rusty but somehow still solid.  I redid one chair two years ago now, sprayed it all white new fabric and then stopped.  So for 2 years I had one done chair and one crappy chair and it was just that way.  After buying our house and realizing we have zero outside furniture I decided it was time to tackle the chairs and make them match. Now they look like this. 

The project was as simple as unscrewing the screws that held it all together, spraying the pieces, and reupholstering the seat.  I adore the fabric and they have taken the place of some chairs we were borrowing for out front of the house.  Long term I want some nice wooden Adirondack chairs out front, but for under $20 in supplies I have two decent chairs so I'm good for now.  

 Please tell me someone else breaks for junk piles along the road?  So far I have those two chairs, a wooden french door I turned into a desk, a dining room table and a nice side table.