Fence Work

We had a situation in our backyard recently - neighbor kids not so nicely destroyed some of my plants and left our faucet on, I can't imagine what exactly their plan was.  The one things I do know is that we had a hole in the back of our fence, and while I was very angry with the loss of my plants, the only way to prevent this from happening again was to fix the thing already.  Additionally we have added locks to all the gates to further keep unwanted people out (and their dogs who wander free, not that the dog needs locked out, but one came into my yard and growled at me! My yard, dog, my yard)

We could not just add a section of fence straight across because the fence is offset.  There used to be a shed out back (which the previous owners took with them) that filled the gap.  That left us with 4 options (and no a 5 year old playing in paint did not illustrate these options, it was me on a lazy day).  I'll give you a quick key - the black lines are the existing sections of fence, the pink and red illustrate sections we could add to join the two, and the orange dot and the dotted lines show where the electric company marked utilities.  ALWAYS CALL BEFORE YOU DIG.  Yes I just virtually yelled that at you.  The green is my pathetically painted grass to keep you oriented.
So option 1, would have been the first choice just extent back and then over, but with where the utilities are we were not comfortable digging there, where the post would go there was an electric line about and inch away.
Option 2,  extend over and then back, utilities wise we would have been fine but I thought it was eating up too much yard space.  
Option 3,  just place it on a diagonal,  like before we can adjust posts a bit so utility wise we are fine and I think it will keep things open.
Option 4, Totally change things out and add sections along the side and make the back a straight line, this was going to be more money and work and frankly we wanted the project just done already.

The project was accomplished over the course of a few days by the Mr. and his father.  I'm going to let the photos do the talking and show the progress.  If I were to narrate this it might not go to well.  I get the basics of how to build a fence, but it was easier to let them handle it.  
Alas, a fixed fence!  How wonderful it is!  It works like a fence should, keeps dogs, kids and larger humans out and will keep a dog in and future small humans in.  Clearly there is a color difference between the old sections and the new,  we have a few other boards to replace this fall and then we are going to let it be until the spring.  In the spring we will tackle cleaning and staining the fence if we feel like it needs it.  But it feels good to have another project completed.  
How about you, accomplish anything that just felt good to get done?

Meg GrabnerComment