What I suck at: II

Oh remember these beauties?
 Yes, they were stunning.
I planted my plants in the ground, and now they look like this.
 Yes, that is just a garden bed full of weeds and my plants died?  Or did the heat just make them go dormant?
I live in northern Indiana, and apparently I can't grow ranunculus very well.  I know it is not a native plant, but they were oh so pretty at Meijer and I could not help myself.  Ranunculus make the list of my top 5 favorite flowers, so when they were only $5 a pot I bought 8.  MISTAKE.  I have learned my lesson.  I also ordered 40 bulbs which all failed to grow.  I can't decide if I will try again, or just quit.  Maybe in pots next year? 
SO, I'm Meg and I suck at growing raunculus.  Can you grow them? And will you send me some when they bloom?

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