Bridal Shower

This summer has been truly busy, we had 6 weddings.  Had. We are officially out of wedding season!  The second wedding of the season I was a bit more hands on doing the invitations and lots of details, I also threw a shower for the bride and I'll share a few of the details here.


 My house, it was small just a few people from work.


The bride asked for a pink and yellow shower so I added gold into the palate.  

Will this gold phase for me ever end?  

The decor was kept simple, mostly things I had on hand or could inexpensively whip up.

On the buffet I set up  silverware, striped straws, plates and napkins on one end, lemonade on the other and the cupcakes I made in the middle.  Above it I hung DIY dot streamers.  These were super easy to make, I'll have a DIY post soon with the easy steps.

I used mason jars to hold the flatware, and simply wrapped glitter ribbon around the jar and sealed attached it hot glue.  I always believe it is in the details!

Food & Drinks:

For drinks we had a few pops and lemonade (and basically a full bar, it was an evening shower so it was OK) drank from ball jars and striped straws.  Food was kept pretty simple, we had crockpot queso (this recipe is my favorite) and chips, tortilla pinwheels, veggies and dip,  cupcakes, popcorn and later s'mores over the bonfire.


We played taboo and 'how well do you know the bride?'  I whipped out these sheets (they matched the invitations I made and seem to not have any of, or can I find the file on my computer)

Oh and let's end this post with a classic alcohol in the corner photo...

So that was a shower #1 that I threw this summer, I kept it simple and hosted solo but I think we had fun.