I fully enjoyed this past weekend.  After a fall season of marching band competitions every Saturday I enjoyed this past Saturday to the max.  Spending some quality time with my papa.  I have been meaning to get a certain project done for my bedroom, one with fabric and wood and foam that hangs above a bed... yea I tackled an upholstered headboard this weekend!  But a full post on that later.

So many people on social media are doing that post a day about what they are thankful for, I am not diligent enough to do that, but if I did here would be my saturday -  

I am thankful for my father,

who has taught me so much, especially how to use power tools

:).  I think one of the hardest parts about getting married/ moving out (both happened at the same time for me) is getting to have good quality time with my parents.  It is easier with my mom, she is home all week and I stop over we drink coffee ect., but my papa is gone all week so weekends are the only time I get to see him, and well since band started right after we got home from our honeymoon my time hanging out with just my dad was slim.  In fact while we were out to lunch before buying a few supplies he pointed out that it was the first time that we had hung out just the two of us since the wedding.  I see him every week, but just dad time is rare.  I am thankful for those moments when I get to have them.  

P.S.  I totally rocked the jig saw not shown, but the circular one I don't like as much, now the circular one on the stand thing that will cut at different angles, that one I like (also, I know how to use them, just not their names).  Plus both saws were new so I could not hog them both, right?  

SNEAK PEAK:  Which shape did I choose?!