Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold.  No, not beer, nor melted cheese nor oil.  I am talking about Scott’s Liquid Gold.  If you own wood furniture and don’t own a can, you are missing out.  It is my new best friend.

Over a year ago the Mr.’s grandfather passed away, he left behind some amazing furniture.  Just slightly neglected.  The wood was sooo dried out, it was yearning for some nourishment.  I fell madly in love with this desk from his house, but it was in pretty rough shape – tons of scratches and dried out wood.  At first I was worried it would be a lot of work to save it… sanding and re-staining and sealing.  Scott’s liquid gold though, it worked magic!  All you do is spray it on and buff it in, that was it!  I bought the aerosol can, worked just like furniture polish.  Next time I should be more earth loving and buy the liquid in a bottle.

(sorry for the not so great iPhone photos… I just get so excited about new projects it was the first thing I grabbed)

I was not kidding about the scratched part….  but seriously check out 

a done drawer on the left below and a yet to be treated drawer on the right.  Just for reference, the drawer below in the after pic, it the drawer above on he right... so yea, it was pretty bad.  

I can’t make that up. Nor do I have any photo shop skills to fake that.

This stuff is a great fix.  But here is the thing,  it makes the scratches less noticeable but they are still there.  I am a lover of vintage furniture so I love the character it adds, but some people may want to go all out and fill the scratches and nicks completely.  But for me, I am beyond happy with the way it turned out!  Maybe you will rethink that sad piece of furniture you were going to get rid of?  Or maybe pick up a diamond in the rough from a yard sale and bring it back to life!


p.s. the after is much more dramatic in person… I will get a better “after” pics asap!

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