DIY upholstered headboard

My Fabric for the headboard, finding this was the longest journey ever.   Ok, maybe not ever.  But I was looking and searching and trying to find something I love & something that the Mr. would like.

Here were the stipulations for what I looking for.  (1)  It needed to be not super girly so I could convince Paul that the bedroom would not scream that it is overly feminine (2)  It needed to go well with our existing dressers which are a medium brown (eventually I plan to stain them darker and get new hardware, but that is not an apartment project)  (3)  I wanted a fabric pattern that would be easy to work with since it is my first time doing an upholstered headboard, so nothing that was super directional or geometric (4)  I needed to love it!So while those stipulations might not seem to hard, finding the right fabric took months of occasional looking.

 Second choice I had to make is the shape of the head board I found this diagram online to help me choose.

I ended up being between two of the shapes, the Cleveland and the Eccleston.  My solution was to draw both on and cut the outer shape and then, stare at it.  For a long time.  I seriously love so many of the options  I wanted a curve and I wanted it to be simple enough to look good with the busy floral fabric.

I ended up with the simpler shape, the Eccleston.  Partially because it reminded me of 

Christopher Eccleston

, the 9th doctor in Doctor Who.  So off came those two extra pieces.  I did not take any during pictures, but I followed

this tutorial

, from

Heavens to Betsy


I made sure to clip my corners of the fabric since I was dealing with curves, and I took the advise of several blogs and layered two egg crates to save on the cost buying that green foam.  Here is my final result.

The final cost was

under $100

.    Yea, seriously.  That is pretty cheap if you ask me, you can find headboards similar for about $400 - $$$$  My parents liked the result so much they are going to make one now as well!  Do you have any projects that you pushed off doing and need to get done?