Headboard Inspiration

So, I bought 2 yards of this Robert Allen fabric, with the intention of making a headboard for the Mr. & I's bedroom.  Then I got busy, and it sat on a bolt for a long time.  And then I had to make a choice,  lets face it  there are so many ways of making a headboard I needed some inspiration, big time.  So before I show you my final product,  take a look at a few others.  Each of these to a certain extent used a different technique as to how they made their headboard.  So I really soaked in reading others and their experiences before I took the plunge and made mine!  I will tell you in advance, I was a bad blogger and did not do a step by step DIY tutorial,  but I do have a great end result to show tomorrow!  Read after the photos my thoughts on each, and what direction I went!

left | right

The first photo, the navy is wonderful, But I was worried my printed fabric would get lost in the details.  I LOVE the second photo, but she had a framed headboard she was redoing, and I after scouring craigs list was starting from scratch.  Now I loveeee tufting, but the third photo made me realize I did not want to tuft my floral print.  I was really liking the simple clean lines of the fourth and fifth photos.  The sixth photo was interesting, I liked the idea of being able to center the print individually.  Buttttt... read tomorrow and see what I chose! 

- Meg