Expedit Done!

The legs are on!  and they have been for a few weeks, I have just been to busy to snap a photo.  I threw a few items on her to make her look sorta pretty... just an empty shelf looks really sad and this looks only a little sad.  Kind of like the wall above her.  (yes, my shelf is a her).  Intentionally not shown is this really big, blank wall.  Yikes... but that is a task to tackle another day.

This process was super simple,  I chose one of the original legs I was looking at, while it was not my first choice, the legs I really wanted were not in stock and I have no patience when I get really excited about a new project...  here is what I brought home.

I marked the screw holes for the plate and the Mr. drilled holes and screwed them in.  The legs then just screw into the plate.  Pretty simple.  I had to wait to the next day to paint my legs since it was a bit too dark outside.

So the next day, I went to town priming and painting the legs.  I went with gold for the legs, it will tie into the room when it is all done.  I did not sand my legs before or between any coats, I wanted a textured look.  Maybe I will change my mind and sand and add another coat of paint for legs that look like solid gold.  A girl can dream she is that rich right?  pshh... I decorate cakes for a living.  That will never happen.

Once again just because I love looking at it.  It is going to be far more functional storage when it is all done, but here is where it had landed for now.  I don't think the photos do the gold on the legs justice at all, the look very luxe in person.

A little budget breakdown

expedit shelf from Ikea - FREE it was a gift, but if you are buying one  $69.99

Legs - $11.90

Plates - $9.76

Spray Paint - paint and primer $8.04

Total = $29.7  (99.69 if you have to buy the expedit)

What do you think?  Better then just sitting on the ground? Do tell!