On the edge

Do you ever feel like you are on the edge of something just potentially wonderful.  Just sitting. And waiting.

I was baking a cake the other day, and my cat started being wayyyy to cute for me to ignore her.  So, I decided to let her out on the balcony to play (We just moved recently moved and she did not take it very well).  But there she sat, on the edge of something great.  She loves to roll around on cement, but she was so scared to take that first step out in this new and unfamiliar place.  There she sat.  I kept telling her "come on Callie, you know you want to go outside, just take a few steps and you will love it"  " I know you are scared baby, but you will love it"  "Okay, Callie stop being so scared, just do it already!"

... and then I stoppped was I really talking to my cat?  or was I giving myself a pep talk.  A pep talk to throw myself into my passion and not look back.  So here's to doing just that.  Stitches and Folly my Etsy shop is going to go through some major changes, all for the good of course, and I could not be more thrilled.

So take a little lesson from my kitty cat, and just step to the other side it will be worth it in the end.  Chase a dream my friends.

If only you could hear those purrrrs.  No sound makes this fur mama happier.