Break It Up!

I think the Mr. is getting this one figured out,  there are few things that make this girl happier than fresh flowers.

I come home from work, wayyy later than I should have been getting off, knowing I have to rush and get ready to head to Ohio to see a friend for the evening, and I walk in to see some beautiful flowers waiting on the table for me.  So what is a girl to do other than break them up?  My dozen roses became 3 little arrangements living all over the apartment.  I like to spread the happiness around.

The first bunch of orangey-red roses are currently on a table in our living room they are in a random glass from my grandfather's, I believe it was a medicine bottle.

The second bunch lives in my grandmother's old blue ball jar on the dining room table.  They tie into the tablecloth quite nicely to me.

And the third bunch lives in my favorite coffee mug from target on my desk.