DIY FUNfetti cake

I can't lie, there is not really much to this cake.  I take pride in my cakes that I cake from scratch, and I feel like I make a darn good cake.  So, when the fiancee wanted a funfetti cake for his birthday it was a blow to my ego.  

Really?  I can make you anything you want and you want funfetti.

  Apparently 22 year old men like rainbow sprinkles in their cake. 

The solution, throw a bunch of sprinkles in my favorite cake batter. I really mean a bunch, and bake normally.

I used a typical jimmy.  The long slender ones.  I don't think that sugars, round discs, or nonpareils would be effective.  But that is another experiment for another day.  If you try out a few other sprinkles let me know how they work out.