Birchbox vs. Sephora Play

So, I love getting mail.  Who doesn't?  I also love beauty products, maybe too much.  But I can't tell you the last time I finished a lipstick, partially because the go bad in like 6 months and partially because I just like to mix it up.  My solution is monthly subscription services that provide me with higher end samples.  I currently get both Birchbox ($10) as well as Sephora play ($10).  I've been getting Birchbox since almost the beginning of their business, which means ups and downs as they grew but I've found some of my favorite products through them.  Sephora is a recent subscription for me, but I'm loving it.  Every month I'll share with you what I got in each, and the value of each item.  


Oribe Featherbalm Weightless Styler -  Full size ($42) Sample ($6.18)

This smells great, and works well to tame my slight frizz & postpartum regrowth.  I like it, but this is an example of I don't like it $42 worth.  I'll use my sample up and feel ritzy, then move on.  

Amika Phantom Hydrating Dry Shampoo Foam -  Full size ($25) Sample ($3.54)

This is just a weird concept.  It was ok, it worked for freshening my hair before the evening but it honestly didn't have enough oomph for 2nd day hair for me, I'm an oily mess.  I loveeee the smell however, like so good.  

Erno Lazzlo Multi-task Eye Serum Mask -  Full size ($35) Sample ($5.83)

Haven't use it yet,  I like to save them up for a nice spa evening when Theo's asleep.  

Winky Lux Disco Kitten Gloss (groovy) -  Full size ($14) Sample ($5)

At first look I thought "hell no, I don't want glittery crap, thanks."  But I tried it on and it turned the most beautiful berry pink on my lips, the glitter wasn't terrible.  I could leave it on let it turn its color and wipe away the glitter leaving me with the color.

Beautaniq Beauty Fill + Tame Brow Gel -  Full size ($12) Sample ($12)

Honestly this is just ok, I'm going to use it all no doubt but it doesn't replace my current favorite.  It does the job without feeling crunchy.  

Box Total = $32.55


image1 (3).jpg

Play by Sephora has been an exciting bag to receive every month, they tend to have slightly higher end products than Birchbox.  Play also sends 5 products, plus an extra that is a perfume or foil packet.  

NARSPro-Prime™ Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base - Full Size ($26)  Sample ($9)

I have super oily eyelids, like my hair, and this is great!  It takes me well over a year to use a full size primer, so this is great to have and will last me quite some time.  I can't get by without an eyelid primer if I am wearing eyeshadow. 

BENEFIT COSMETICSHoola Matte Bronzer - Full size ($29) Sample ($10.36) 

I've been wanting to try this forever..... so this was such a great surprise.  It works well with my current summer skin, but may be too much come winter.  This sample is going to last forever!

MAKE UP FOR EVERArtist Rouge Lipstick - Full Size ($22) Sample ($7.33)

It is a very pretty shade in rosewood.  Very creamy easy to wear shade.  I don't often opt for traditional tube lipsticks.  

DR. DENNIS GROSS SKINCAREC+ Collagen Deep Cream - Full Size ($72)  Sample ($21.17)

This smells so good, soaks in well and quickly.  Works well under makeup.  There is certainly enough here to use for quite a few weeks.  

MOROCCANOILDry Texture Spray -  Full Size ($28)  Sample ($3.63)

I love a dry texture spray for my fine hair, and this one smells great too.  A little goes a long way with this. 

Box total = $51.49 

They were both great this month, and were totally worth their $10 price tag for me.  I go back and forth on cancelling Birchbox, and yet here I am still subscribed.  With school back in session, I'm getting plenty of good use from these products and getting ready every day is slightly more enjoyable when in reality I'd rather be in bed.  Maybe one day I will become a morning person. 

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