First Trimester // Pregnancy Diaries

The first bit of advice all of the recent parents have given me is to make sure I document everything.  I'm not super at keeping everything documented, so I looked at a few pregnancy journals but they were not quite what I wanted.  Plus I hear moms pretty much forget everything.  All of the apps on my phone keep me on top of taking my vitamins, tracking my weight, and all the fun little tidbits of information.  I wanted a place to document the thoughts and feelings during our pregnancy.  Once the baby comes I think I'll have the posts printed into a nice little book to keep.

Baby:  During this time frame our baby went from a cute little sperm and egg, to a baby the size of a pomegranate - (when I teach my students meiosis, I do use sperm and egg with smiling faces because if I am going to make things awkward, I might as well enjoy it.)  I am loving the baby center app for new little tidbits about our baby's development.

Pregnancy Side Effects:I was exhausted up until the 13th  week and then just like magic I got my energy back.  Well really the placenta picked up some of the load to provide for our little nugget, but it felt like magic.  7pm bedtimes were normal.  Getting through those last months of school were rough.

Also strange.  The whole every time I brush my teeth I end up gagging, and often throwing up as a result.  I had no clue that was a pregnancy thing, but I am apparently not alone... a whole slew of women go through the same thing.

Cravings: I went through a real strong fruit phase.  Tons of Tons of berries, apples, pineapple, cantaloupe.  Salad. In particular Casa's house salad.  I still want it actually.  Soup.  I will eat any and all soup.  

Aversions: Eggs.  They are oh so gross.  I was fine with them for about 8 weeks, then BAM.  I wasn't having it.  Mushrooms.  If they are in a casserole from a can I'm OK with them, but you know the mushrooms that taste really strong, usually the fresh ones?  Yea those are not OK.

In general I am having food issues.  NOTHING sounds good, this has continued into the 2nd trimester.  I'll just open the doors of the cupboard and just whine about food.  Being married to me sounds like a dream right?  I don't think I am that bad, but I do change my mind very frequently about what sounds good.  Justtryand keep up with me.

Exercise:Since school is out for the summer, my goal is to go for  4  walks each week.  I am trying to keep my weight gain to a minimum, and ward off gestational diabetes the best I can.  Everything says walking one of the best ways to prepare your body for labor.  My walks are not crazy long, I go from our house to the park near us and walk their trail, and then back home.  The other perks of walks are the dogs I get to pet.  I see one lady pretty regularly with her dogs, and they are just the sweetest.  And now in addition to a baby, I really want a dog.

Excited About: We have our 20 week ultrasound on the 27th, which means we get to find out the gender.  We have no seen our baby since week 9, so I am very excited.  A bit nervous as well, this is the long scan to determine if everything is OK with our kid.  We opted out of the genetic blood screening, this is our baby no matter what so we didn't feel the need to know of any potential issues.  Plus it was just a screen, and not a diagnosis so it was just giving likelihood of there being an issue.  I think it would cause more stress than it would be worth for us.

Purchases: My mom and I went shopping the last week and we bought just a few things so far.  Since we don't know gender yet, everything is very neutral.  We bought the most adorable sweater with ears, a few sleepers, onesies, and pants.  Paul's uncle had a pack-n-play he was getting rid of, so we offered to take it off his hands.  Not sure it was ever used.  Not technically a purchase, but it is our first big piece of baby gear.

Sewn: So far just burp cloths.  But I can't wait to find gender out so I can get sewing clothes and quilts.