Sunday (err... Monday) Small Talk // 5

It has been a hot minute since we've gotten personal over here, so lets catch up.  I feel like loads has happened, but I'll hit the highlights, and brace yourself this is going to be random.

This past week Paul and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary.  We bought tickets for the thirsty Thursday baseball game (basically for $1 beer) the week before, and then we both got sick.  We still felt good enough to go, kind of, but no beer.  


I like to look though our wedding photos in the days around our anniversary, and some new favorites emerged.  I'm limiting myself to sharing 4 favorites


For starters, my all time favorite photo; it perfectly captures how we make each other feel.  

I have really been enjoying the photos that come across as truly genuine.


A few weeks ago I passed my 2nd licensing education exam, and today I passed my 3rd exam (which is why this post is coming at you on a Monday, I was studying all weekend).  I just need to do the CPR/AED and finish the suicide prevention training then fill out my application and I am well on my way to be a licensed teacher in Indiana!  

Cali however, was zero help during the whole process.  Typical cat, has to sit on my book every darn time.  I seriously think I have at least a dozen photos of her sitting on my homework.  


Our contracted renovation in the kitchen and our current bedroom is


done and the final payment is in the mail.  We still have tons of finishing work to do on our end, but we will get there.  

Here is where we started

Here is where we are now

And here is the Photoshop version of where we are going... ish.   Mentally add the trim around the window in, and we are looking at adding the cabinet above the sink back in at a higher level, but we are not totally sure about that yet.  


I am 99% sure this will be printed and hung up somewhere in our house.  Judge away.  I'm gonna end it here, because how do you top the cat.