What's Growing // May 2016

Things really got growing in the garden in May, and I did my best to document all of it.  I put some new plants in the ground as well, I can't resist flower shopping in late spring.  June already has been exciting with what is growing, but for now we will talk about May.

Beginning of many my creeping phlox were blooming strong.  I think they bloomed for about 3-4 weeks, which was long than I expected.  The blooms are mostly all faded now.

I planted 2 new roses.  The first was a bare root rose in a lovely pink shade,  and the second was a drift rose.  I'm in love with the drift rose, it is having no pest or fungal issues which my other roses are battling right now.  It is a lovely addition to little floral arrangements.

I got the garden planed, and we ate plenty of spinach from the garden, as well as lettuce.  Most of the spinach bolted at the end of the month because of a few hot days, but there is still some left now.  In the garden we planted zucchini, several tomato varieties, green peppers, jalapeno peppers, eggplant, green beans, and basil.  I have onions to get in as well as possibly carrots.

... and I ran out of room in the garden beds so I ended up putting the basil and cherry tomatoes on pots on the patio. 

The best part of the month... my peonies blooming!  Also in May, the delphinium, foxglove, irises, tulips, English daisies, poppies, carnations, sweet william, and salvia. 

The back side of the house is really coming together, and the cottage feel is going strong.  Some areas feel a little bare, but in the next few years I know they will be all filled in. 

MMMMM. Seriously, I just love peonies.  LOVE THEM.  When they just start to open up and they are in that tight ball phase, but still showing their colors I love them the most. 

The salvia has grown so big is it crowding out plans around it.  Everything around it will be moved because the salvia attracts so many honey bees!  It is a delight!  Other bees and wasps however are not as welcome.

This year I didn't have very many ants on the peonies, they were instead swarmed by wasps most days.  I would rather have the ants hands down.  

I just divided my iris rhizomes 2 falls ago, and they already need to be divided again.  I'm glad they are happy, but my peonies are priority, and the irises are really crowing them.  I do play favorites.  

I think being able to garden is hands down the best part of owning a home for me.  What do you have growing? Favorites?