Weekend Adventure

Over the weekend we took a little mini adventure to Hocking Hills in Ohio.  Paul was going to Columbus on Friday for work, so I tagged along.  Saturday we drove over to the park and went hiking for a few hours.  We didn't get to see a fraction of what the area has to offer, but we weren't staying another night and the weather wasn't looking so good in the afternoon, but we managed to see some beautiful falls.

The area we hiked was called Old Man's Cave, it consisted of several areas but we didn't have a map so we might not have been the smartest hikers.  The first place that we saw were the upper falls.  I was stunned how blue-green the water was, granted I'm sure there was a bit of algae growing, but still pretty.  

We then headed over to the cave area, which is crazy hard for me to capture without a wide angle lens for my camera so Paul took a few panoramic shots with his trusty iPhone.  The cave was named after the man who discovered the area and then proceeded to live the rest of his years out in the cave, hence Old Man's Cave.   

A shot from the inside - I don't think photos could truly do it any justice.   

On the other size of this awesome tunnel through the rocks was a young boy throwing a complete fit.  I'm pretty sure his mom was trying to sooth him by telling him not to worry there is more cave on the other side.  So pretty much he didn't want to leave because it was so awesome, I get it kid.

The water just looks so inviting...

I'd love to go back soon to see the rest of what Hocking Hills has to offer, and stop at the place that offers 24 flavors of soft serve ice cream.  Biggest mistake I've made in awhile by not stopping, I need to remedy that. 

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