Sunday Small Talk // 4

We have been busy around the house getting some bigger projects taken care of.  See that tree in the left corner of our back yard?  It is gone now.  I have mixed feeling, it is hard to willing cut down a tree but, it was constantly losing branches and creaking.  The power company trimmed off half the tree, as we were left with an odd shaped tree with all the weight leaning toward our house.  Earlier this spring during a storm a chunk came down and did some damage to our neighbors' house.  That was the final straw with this tree, it was time.  It wasn't a good hardwood either, it was a Siberian elm tree, and messy as can be.  So $2,000 later... we are tree-less.  I think we will add more garden boxes on that side of the yard, we can easily fit 4 boxes once we take care of the stump.

The season is finally upon us, from now until October I will be reveling in fresh cut flower in the house all the time.  I've really been enjoying putting little arrangements everywhere.  

Our kitchen is in a giant state of mess, we are having a window installed above the sink and things went awry, and we are still waiting to get it all resolved.  Nothing like having people over "hey don't mind the kitchen cabinets missing and the giant hole in the drywall.  Once it is all done I will be dedicating a post to what we learned along the way.  

All this demo does mean we have to repaint the kitchen,

oh what a shame... 

I have officially decided that I am also going to paint my cabinets, and get new hardware.  I've been on the to paint or not to paint fence for a while and I think I'm finally decided.  

I think.

While I am on the topic of demo, Paul totaled his car.  He is fine, nothing is hurt but the car.  But this also means we are replacing a vehicle wayyyy sooner than expected.  Such is life.  

I finally got the garden planted over the weekend, I just have a few more set plants to get in. I'm close.  Now only time will tell if it grows as crazy as last year!  We quilt literally had to pick the tomatoes up to mow, they outgrew their cages so much. 

I feel like this Sunday Small Talk we have had a bit of a rough patch with things going on, so hit me with some positive things!  I'd love to hear some great things that have been going on for you!