2015 Goals Revisited

It is cliché I know, but I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering where the hell 2015 went.  

With 2016 right around the corner I think it is time I reflect on what exactly I did accomplish in 2015.

Looking back at the list I made, I feel great about what we accomplished financially and personally but what we gone done around the house wasn't great.  But I'm gonna get this started by looking back at some of my favorite home projects of the year.

The bathroom getting to this sort of done state was a great feeling.  I'd still love to replace the flooring and get a white toilet and shower, but that can wait.

The window boxes were the first project I completed on my own, and I must say I enjoyed every minute of it.  I also think our home was made for window boxes, and I can't wait to get planting this spring.

I'll wrap up my favorite things we did around the house this year with the garden boxes we built.  They are the project that keeps on giving each year.  I'm already planning what we will plant this year and I'm ready for spring.  I know we haven't had winter yet, but let's just skip that this year.  Did I mention that I found a flower blooming the other day?  Yep, ready for spring. 

Home Goals

1.  Insulate the crawlspace, possibly moisture barrier it

2.  Fix the drainage issues with the gutters and replace any sections that need it.  

(Paul worked on this but there is still more work to be done).  

3.  Fix the sloping back patio 

4.  Finish the stairs!  Taking the paint off, sealing, new runner etc.

(Still in progress... we we have done more work here)

5.  Finish the downstairs bathroom,


6.  Paint the craft room  / office space

7.  Install new flooring in the current master

8.  Paint the current master - trim and walls

Financial Goals

1.  Pay off car

We accomplished this more than a year early! Hopefully no more car loans ever again for us. 

2.  Continue adding monthly to emergency fund

3.  Pay off 2 student loans

Personal Goals

1.  Finish this dumb geology class by Feb. deadline and as a reward, paint craft room!  

2.  Finish ALL classes for school by December 2015 (allowing for student teaching to being spring 2016)

3.  Take more day trips to visit friends in neighboring states and close cities

As always, we had a few things come up we weren't expecting.  We had to replace our stove and microwave, and cut most of the home list from getting done this year.  Oh, and paying for a profession to de-bat and seal up our home.  We also decided to save and prioritize getting a door and window installed, so it made sense to wait to finish our current bedroom.   We also got a few projects done that never made it to the blog, Paul did some work behind the fence and he started staining it but the weather turned a bit rainy and we are waiting until the spring to get it done.  I'm working on putting together my 2016 goals, I'll be sharing them in the next few days.  So far they are mostly home goals, and I'm thoughtfully curating the list.  Hopefully we can get more of the list done this year. 

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