August Birchbox

One special day a month is like Christmas, a box full of presents arrives to my mail box in the form of my birchbox.  It is a beauty subscription service that is $10 a month, you get about 5 samples tailored to your profile ( if you review your samples you can get $1 for each product you review in your box to use in the birchbox shop).  Beauty is not a territory I usually dive into here, but I wanted to share my box with you guys.  I'm a makeup junkie, and I plan on sharing more of the products I love as well as my monthly birchbox in the future.  I try a decent amount of products, and I have found some I REALLY love and I think are worth sharing.  I could give you a long(er) ordeal on how it works and how awesome it is, but you can check out the

link here

to subscribe and learn more!  

So here is what I got this month!

Air Repair Complexion Boosting Moisturizer  \\ sample value $2.32  full size $20

This is a very thick cream that went on not too heavy even for my oily skin.  At $20 for a full size of 2 oz it isn't cheap, but it is a product I'd splurge on 

Balance Me Congested Skin Serum\\ sample value $14  full size $30

This is on the opposite end of the spectrum, it is a serum after all... but it is very thin.  It has a strong smell that seemed to linger, it wasn't bad just maybe a little earthy.  At $30 for a full size of 0.5 oz (that's half the size of a normal foundation) I won't be purchasing.  I'll happily use the rest of my sample, but I won't be ordering it.  

IPKN Flash Skin Radiant Primer \\ sample value $4.90 full size $28

With an SPF of 15 and a really nice pearl finish, this is an absolute dream.  With no makeup on it made my skin look fantastic, and under makeup it also worked great.  I've really been focusing on using SPF in my routine and this is an easy way to make sure I apply it daily.  It is priced just about the same as my favorite primer, so I could justify the price.  

R+Co DEATH VALLEY Dry Shampoo\\ sample value $7.37 full size $29

I'm a frequent dry shampoo user, I'm an oily girl.  Even on days I wash I use it to keep it under control.  This one was good, didn't leave a color but had a strong coconut smell.  I didn't hate it, but if I'm spend $29 on a dry shampoo this wouldn't be the one.  

LAQA & Co. in Cray Cray\\ sample value $6.67 full size $20

That coral color on my skin is not. good.  On the lips I hate it, on my cheeks it blends well but makes me look like I have a sunburn.  Way better options at the drugstore. 

Total Box Value $35.26 

For $10 I received 4 samples I'll use the last drop of and $5 to spend in the shop.  The lip color is just not my cup of tea, but I always like trying new colors.  

Do you subscribe to any sample services?  There are so many I'd love to join!