Makeover Monday | mini chest

My mom and I were trolling craigslist for some furniture to redo for the lake house and we stumbled across a listing for a headboard, dresser, desk, and this little drawer unit for $75, which I feel is quite a deal (we ended up getting all of it except the desk for $60).  All of it was in need of a good paint job before heading up to the lake and we are making some progress on getting them all done.  I can't wait to share all of the furniture redos.  I love a good furniture makeover and this one was a seriously good one in my book.  Maybe my favorite one so far, bold statement I know but just keep scrolling down.  

I'm pretty much in love with it and I wish is was going into my room.  Do you love the transformation as much as I do?

The paint color I used ended up being a custom mix from some cans we already had, but the drawer pulls are from amazon, you can get them


* I know you will find a use for them, they come 10 in a pack, and I have already found 5 different pieces of furniture to put them on.

*affiliate link