Friday Five

1.  I love snow.

  I'm the type of person who opens the windows when it starts to snow just to smell the crisp air, that's how much I love snow.  I'm seeing the changing of the seasons as an opportunity to learn my camera a little better,  if you look in the very center of the photograph you'll see one nice snowflake that is clear.  Yep, just one, so I've got a bit more learning that needs to be done.  My goal this winter is to capture perfect flaky snow falling from the sky.  

2.  The laminate for our  bathroom counter came in,  now we just have to build the counter.  The project that never ends can finally end.  Oh, and I might have put the cat in the middle of the laminate roll just to see what she would do.  She just sat there, not exciting.

3.  My books came in for my online class, so I'm officially back to school.  After being out for a few years it really is kind of a weird feeling to be back.

4.  I've been restocking the

etsy shop

slowly in preparation of the holiday season, so definitely check it out!

5.  I'm reaching for warm beverages more and more these days with the cold and studying but I realize it can't always be coffee.  My favorite choice for a calorie free drink is a cup of

Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple Spice Herbal Tea

.  I brew mine double strength and don't find it needs any sugar.

Happy Friday friends!