A dirty secret

Sometimes I get embarrassed that this occurred in my house.  This post has sat in the draft section for quite awhile, but I think there is a lesson here and I'll you see all my dirt.  I'll cut to the chase - When you move into a new place take the extra time and get your carpets cleaned or rent the machine and do it yourself, seriously.  I have no clue how the people who owned our house before us lived... I know they had a dog and kids.  Lets be real kids and dogs are dirty.

This whole thing got started way back when we painted the guest room.  We cleaned the carpet before we filled the room with furniture. I had some cleaning solution left and for some reason I decided to see if the carpet downstairs would get cleaner.  Well I know the reason, it was worn, dirty looking and kinda smelled.   I was sick of them and wanted something new, but we simply can't afford new right now.  Oh and yes, the carpet did become cleaner, but I didn't think that one through.  Shortly I was out of cleaner and the machine was going back the next day & we were so busy, so for the next few months I had half cleaned carpet.  

I managed to get a few more passes in before I ran out, but my carpet had this horrible line like the one below. 

  That is quite typical of me, I always have the itch to start things and it takes me quite awhile to finish them...  So months later when Paul was fixing the fence I took all the furniture out of the living room and finished the job, finally.

How does carpet even get that dirty.  I had no clue it was supposed to be that light color.  

Mind blown

I am still 1/2 grossed out by how dirty it is and 1/2 satisfied with how clean it became.  So, please let this be a nice reminder to get your carpets cleaned.  I think I am going to make a yearly event of it,  while we still have this old carpet that is.  

So there is my dirty little secret, have any you care to share?